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סושייה איכותית בירושלים

Our Story

Welcome to Sushibox
Sushi Box Mevaseret Zion - All Eastern flavors in one place

Flavors, colors and spices from 5 different countries and one amazing continent.
We combine Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Israeli.

We created for you a wide and rich menu with two talented chefs: one Japanese and the other Israeli, specializing in fine Asian food.
Both create a sensual dance of flavors that will throw you as far as possible.

So get out of the box and go into the Sushibox

Fresh Fish All Day
Fresh fish and the highest level of produce available every day
Fresh Cocktails All Night

Apart from the wonderful food, we created for you a space to chill and recreate on at night time,
with an especially well-stocked and tropical cocktail menu.

Sushibox is there for you in special moments, and here to pamper your loved ones with original gift specially designed
whenever you want to give them such.
Sushi Box Boutique Collection offers you trays for every event in your life: birthday, maternity and more ...

So go into the atmosphere and Let's Roll!

If you also fell in love with the unique and surprising flavors of the Eastern countries and just waited for a place that would unite all the colorful kitchens to one place, with touches of authentic Israeli cuisine, you can stop waiting and  visit the Sushi Box restaurant or place an order through our delivery system

Asian fusion cuisine

The unique concept of Sushi Box Mevaseret Zion actually combines four kitchens from the Far East combined with Israeli cuisine, so the result is no less amazing!
The professional cooking staff of Sushi Box Mevaseret Zion will take you as far as possible with surprising combinations of spices, fragrances
And flavors so that no matter which dish you choose to order you will feel a real experience.

Sushi Box Mevasseret Zion is committed to using the best quality ingredients available on the market,
Alongside freshness and originality, so that our food menu is rich and especially varied and suitable for everyone.
And if that's not enough, enjoy a rich alcohol menu and stylish cocktails that will upgrade your meal to an unforgettable experience.

Pamper your deliveries whenever you need them

The Sushi Box Mevaseret Zion restaurant serves customers everywhere and at all times,
offers a professional delivery system that will bring you your favorite dish packed carefully,
hot and fresh and most importantly - very quickly.
The Sushi Box delivery menu offers the same special dishes that are now also delivered to your living room or office.

Sushi Box Events

Maybe it's time to get out of the box and plan a different event with special flavors and a magical atmosphere so that your event will be unforgettable and this is a promise!
Sushi Box Mevaseret Zion offers pampering, special and most importantly, tasty, sushi trays.
Come and join the satisfied customers of Sushi Box Mevaseret Zion.


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